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About Us


About our Winery Journey:
Mia Sonatina was a dream. The dream that began as consumers, wine drinkers and winery visitors. We were just “regular Joe's” who started with an interest that grew into a passion. The next step was becoming home winemakers in our garage. Then developing our skills and feeding our knowledge through the internet and professional training. Mia Sonatina was the culmination of that dream in July, 2003 when we filed for our business name. The winery began as a virtual winery, renting space at other wineries. We searched for a location for about 3 years and found our current space in September, 2006.
After a year of modifications, meetings and inspections, our winery and tasting room became licensed and we opened in September, 2007. Our facility is small, intimate and our tasting room comfortable. Our wines are crafted in an Old World Style. Big robust red wines, Dark, Italian-style Pinot Noir, unique and beautiful white wines. When you arrive at our facility, we hope to have something for everyone no matter what their wine tasting preferences might be.

About our Winery Name:
Mia Sonatina, roughly translated means “My Little Song”, Our tag line, is “a Song for the Palate”. Thus, you will see a musical theme on our label. In addition, all of our blended wines have a musical name related to the characteristics of that particular wine.

About Us:
As partners, as in marriage, Vern and Jo have very different skill sets that make them uniquely qualified to manage a wine business together.

Our Winemaker :
Vern's skills in life include process evaluation, failure analysis, and problem solving. Many of these skills are the foundation of successful wine making. He believes that the grapes are the canvas, the process is the paint. That wine is an art, or creation. He also believes that wine making is a combination of art, science, technical creativity, blended with a vision and a good palate.

Our Sales & Marketing Director:
In life, Jo has always been about people. Her career choices have included work with people, first in the medical field, then as a Travel Consultant, and in church. People are the heart of our business, whether it is the wholesale side, the retail side or the business side. Our passion has been about knowing our customers, and enjoying the relationships therein and enjoying those around our passion for wine.









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